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Tube-shape Wet wipes sealing machine

Tube-shape sealing machine,Liquid filling machine,Tube-shape Wet wipes sealing machine

Brief introduction:
This machine is assisted equipment for tape-shape wet wipes machine(non-woven perforating machine) which is mainly used in adding liquild and sealing for rolled tube-shape wipes.

Production Process:
Rolled non-woven wipes onto transport belt?adding liquild at a certain amount?sealing?passing?screwing cap by man power

Equipment disposition:
1. Membrane hot sealing cutting system,including menbrane tension installment,covering menbrane installment? Detection of positioning sensors.
2. Heating / temperature control components, Sealing device rack,holding-cup device,hot sealing board and sealing head, membrane cutting device,hot sealing cutting devices and plastic devices are used pneumatic installment. The production process is hardly to have a broken membrane.
3. Drive traction system and templates tension installment,including Drive motor / deceleration / transmission device composed of a step system in a straight line, traction drive chain / guides, action positioning devices, templates / bracket, the mold must depth to ensure that the production requirements.
4. Electrical control system. Wiring reasonable norms and beautiful.
5. Pneumatic system: triple by aerodynamic pieces, electronically controlled valve, gas and road joints and other components.
6. Rack and the main material: the equipment rack welded carbon steel used by anti-rust paint processing, outsourcing stainless steel plate. Liquild-adding buckets and boards are made of stainless steel materials with excellent preservation of corrosion.Seal-appearance on the Teflon non-stick spray coating. The other components of equipment is in line with the health requirements of the materials.
7. The sealing Cutting device and the appearance shaping device, from top to bottom in the height of 5 cm (including 5 cm) of the adjustment can be arbitrary. To ensure that a various production of Tube-shape sealing machine.
wet wipes,wet tissue
Technical parameters:
Equipment name: Tube-shape sealing machine
Model: ZMJ-SG-A
Tube volume: 50ml-400ml
Tube specifition: 60-150mmheight80-220mmoption
Processing ability: 1600 tubes/hour
Gas source pressure: 0.5Mpa
Compressed air consumption: 0.3M3/min
Total power: 380V50HZ2kw
Weight: 400 kg
Machine size: 22006001800mm
Packing size: 24008002000mm

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Wet tissue machine,Wet wipes machine,Wet wipes packaging machine