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ZMJ-Z-Z    Industrial Towel Slitting Machine


Industrial Towel Slitting Machine

Brief introduction:

This equipment is used for the production of the small bobbin paper (+φ300mm) and the industrial towel. It has the functions of embossing or edge pressing punching and once-for-all slitting and rewinding. With the features of neat slit finished products and end face, it is suitable for the processing of 13-50g/O the tissue (the production functions may be chosen according to the requirements of the customers). Other features of the machine include the pneumatic loading device, wide leather belt feeding, tension adjustment device, embossing device, edge pressing device, spiral knife punching, adjustable pitch, adjustable device for the slitting width, frequency conversion speed and edge absorption device and so on.


Production craft:
Raw materials onto the machine★embossing★perforating★cutting★rewinding★getting products by man★operating packing by man.

Equipment disposition:
1. Use electromagnetism buncher transmission,adjustable speed.
2. Two wind-in ax.
3. Use circle blade to cut which can fit for various kinds of raw paper.Adjustable cutting width.
4. Use air-rise ax in winding in which is characterized by its high degree of tidy.
5. seperated embossed roll
6. Use optimize angular circular knife to perforate which is characterized by clear and tidy embossing,low noisy and less cutting loss.
7. Use blower fan and automatically count the length of materials.
8. Thermal shrinkage packing machine.

Technical parameters:For example
Model: ZMJ-Z-Z 1575
Products size: +Φ300mm breadth:95mm
Raw paper size: Φ 1200〜1750 mm
Perforating parameters: pitch of span: 200mm,pitch of holes:2 mm
Embossing parameters: seperated embossing roll which can emboss flower,bar or grain.
Suitable materials: volume-shaped raw paper, 13g-26g/m2
Raw paper core specification: 76.2mm (=3")
Products core specification: 76.2mm (=3")
Manufacture ability: 150 meters/min.
Total power: 380V50HZ5.5 kw
Weight: 2000 kg
Machine size: 4500x3200x1800mm
Packing size: 3000x2000x1800mm3000x2000x1800mm

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Tissue paper folding machine,Facial tissue making machine,Facial tissue folding machine,Toilet paper machine