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ZMJ-T   Compressed towel machine,Magic towel machinery

Compressed towel machine,Magic towel machinery


Brief introduction:

Compressed towel/t-shirt machines are used to compressed towels or t-shirts (bath towel, cultural shirt, socks, and other similar cotton textiles) into a circular, heart-shaped, spherical, shell-shaped, shape of cartoon characters, and so on, other special shape can be produces as per customers requirement.     



Equipment disposition:
1. The device is compressed non-woven sheetinto a granular shape (the specific shape can be customized according to customer requirements).
2.The machine is equipped with 80 tons of hydraulic system, a set of tonnage, and with automatic and manual boot functionality.
3. Equipment can be set on the compression time and moding time, automatic ejection wipes device.
4. Equipment with automatic hole positioning devices, key parts used WEDM complete, high accuracy, and ensure product quality.
5.Equipment template and mold use solid,steady materials,whole main machine sealing board uses stainless steel.
6.Electrical system wiring norms reasonable, safe, easy to operate.

Technical parameters:
Name: Magic towel machine
Model: ZMJ-T
Suitable materials: 35-100g/O water-sting non-woven cloth,towel
Processing ability:60-100 piece/min
Total power:380V,50HZ,7.5 kw
Total power: 1500 kg
Machine size:L 1600〜W 1150〜H 2150mm
Delivery dimensions: L 1800〜W 1300〜H 2300mm

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