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ZMJ-WH Auto Non-woven cutting machine

Brief introduction:
The machine is non-woven sub-cut pieces of non-woven products.     

Production craft:
raw materials onto the machine  -  Slitting Longitudinal - cutting crosswise - Artificial collecting materials

Machine¨s characters:
clean cutting,no dirty spot,accurate size,highly automatic

Equipment disposition:
1. Step going controlling system, colored numerical controlling pannel
2. Urosswise Straight line cutting system Straight line die cutting system
3. Slitting Longitudinal system.
4. Static electricity elimination installmentPneumatic system.
Auto Non-woven cutting machine,Auto Non-woven cutting machinery
5. Automatically counting system.
6. Electromagnetism powder coupling system.
7. winding ax use tension inflatable ax.

Technical parameters:
Name: Auto Non-woven cutting machine
Model: ZMJ-WH 1200
Products size: length + 999mm x width + 1200mm
Suitable materials: 80-240g/O,non-woven
Raw materials spec.: Φ+1200mm,breadth 1100mm
Raw materials inner core: Φ 76.2mm (=3")
Production ability: 30-600 pieces/min.
Total power: 380V50HZ3KW
Machine¨s weight: 700kg
Machine¨s size:L3000〜W1600〜H1600mm
Wooden case size: L3200〜W1900〜H1900mm

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Auto Non-woven cutting machine