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Cotton Pad

ZMJ-HM-Y   Rounded cosmetic cotton pad machine
The device has below functions: raw material transferring, make embossing on each round cotton pad, punching the raw materials to be round cotton pads, counting and arraying to output the products.   
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Cotton Pad


ZMJ-HM-F   Squared comestic Cotton Pad Making Machine
The device has the below main functions: raw material transferring, pressing the lines on the cotton, separately-cutting, slices-cutting,counting and arraying to output the products. 
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Cotton Pad

MJ-HM-Z   Folded cosmetics cotton pad machine
Two rolls of materials are folded first, heatedly knurling, cutting, counting and outputting produts.

The device has two sets of materials feeding devices, heartedly knurling device, automatical cutting device,automatic counting device and outputting device。  
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